Anonymous said: You're awesome Possum. That is all.



Very Iconic Naruto Moments (part 5)
↳ our main character

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Anonymous said: damn lynn. what size are your boobs? 0_o


MWUAHAHA…. my hair in the past 1.5 weeks… I did go a bit blonder than the middle photo but I was like MEHHH LET’S JUST PUT RED AND PURPLE ON THIS SHIZZ…. BAHAHA derp in the last photo because mum said if I keep dyeing my hair, my weave will eventually fall out *W* BUT I CAN’T HELP IT. 


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murphquake said: Be honest, "wasabi guise" is actually your secret crimefighting alter-ego's magical power to hide near sushi, amirite?


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Ahhh so here’s more photos of my cosplays from Anime Expo!! =^___^=

My hair last week compared to now. I honestly don’t know what I’m aiming for. I just felt like doing something to my hair since I haven’t for 2 months haha. 

Anonymous said: Lynn! what was the music called on your last vid of your Super Mario cosplay? I really liked the bass on that one LOL that shit blasted through my speakers!!!

I think you asked me this on my video. I got the song from the wonderful Newgrounds. You can find it by clicking here =]

Anonymous said: I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you stay so thin? Like do you just have a fast metabolism or work out or follow a certain diet? I've been watching your videos for a few years and you've always been so skinny so i'm wondering haha

Hello ! *W* I don’t think I’m thin, I think I’m average! =D I don’t follow a strict diet but I guess my bowel movements are smoother than Eminem’s rapping. =^____^=

This is what I wore on the 4th day of Anime Expo! (: All clothing is listed here

Anonymous said: Have you seen Kill la Kill? I think you'll look pretty amazing if you were to cosplay as the main protagonist!

YES! I’ve seen Kill la Kill. haha. and I would like to do a KLK cosplay maybe :) 

Finally got my HENTAI SHIRT!!!!!

or should I say hentie huheue ^____^ so happies! *W*