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just a test
it’s transparent


just a test

it’s transparent

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Anonymous asked: Yez I will be going to the Anime Ax as Akuro(killakill) Bertold(snk) and maybe anbu black ops ninja or kinagase(killlakill) who are you cosplaying? if you want you can PM me fb Thomas Catelo :3.

OOH that’s awesome! I’m cosplaying Mikasa from SnK, Yoko from Gurren Lagann and Tifa from FF7 Advent Children. :) And sorry, I don’t have a Facebook :]

Anonymous asked: Omgeee! I'm soo sorry! Embarrassing Cx. I saw you on youtube searching ''anime expo'' and you just look like someone i met at a expo meet once hahaa. mehhh... XD nice to meet you. you cool X)

OH!! haha ok no worries! Nice to meetcha! haha will you be going to Anime Expo this year as well? :]

Anonymous asked: Hello! were you the awesome person I met during the anime spja meeting. my name is Teejay if do remember. if not sorry for creeping x(. if anything ig is heyizteejay :D

I bet you met a lot of awesome people though! No you’re not creeping. :D And I’m sorry but I don’t exactly remember us meeting. x) but hello Teejay!! 

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mm yum

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i wish i could meet him too…

feels ;A;

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Debating whether

or not to go to Mayhem Festival this Summer…

the line up just came out and it’s not great in my opinion. The line ups aren’t much compared to previous years.

I mean, A7X and Korn are headlining but still… some of these bands have played before. :l

I would definitely go though if it wasn’t on the 2nd day of Anime Expo.

Is anyone going to Mayhem this Summer? 


I don’t get people who are caught up with Naruto and say “It just needs to end already. When is this going to be over??” I look at those people and I’m like then why are you reading it in the first place if you’re just waiting for the ending?! It pisses me off tbh. 


"When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it."
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bruh so hyped he turned into an oddish


bruh so hyped he turned into an oddish

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If you see me

at Anime Expo and I happen to be half naked

please, still feel free to come up and hug me okay



I love

having coloured hair

but maintenance is such a bitch!

ja feel